theunrulyunicorn asked: Hey! You are an amazing artist! Are you doing commissions? <3

Yes absolutely! PM me for more details and a chat :) xx

mart-ini asked: obsessed with your work

:) :) :) :)

itsjannlah asked: hey i am in love with your art! Ur amazing! May i ask whether u draw those faces or human forms through imagination or do you hav pictures or models for referances? Also how long did it take u to perfect human figures? :)

Hey thanks heaps dude :)  um I usually draw from pictures I find online or magazines or pictures of my friends but I try to be imaginative about how I do it I guess… And I don’t think my figures are perfect at all haha! i don’t have the patience for that! But I suppose I’ve been trying to draw acceptable humans for a few years now. Like on a super casual basis since I dropped out of school so maybe like 10 years? But I think if I had practiced on the regular or taken classes I might have got better a bit quicker hehe ;P xx

Anonymous asked: hi i want to use one of your sketches to bring into my art class is that weird

Haha that’s a bit weird but okay! Do you have a blog? Xx

Anonymous asked: Oh my your art work is perfect, I'm in love. I thrive to be able to create such beautiful pieces like these agh 😌💕

Thank you nicey nice nice! :)

prplxd asked: just want to say that you're really super cool and that you're one of my inspirations for my body of work :) yay!

Woohoo! Thanks bebe! Good luck with that :)



(Source: adiessketchbook)